Are you:

  • Tired of managing your rentals?
  • Sick of dealing with difficult tenants?
  • Need help with late payers, evictions, or other non-compliance?
  • Want assistance is dealing with selected aspects of property management?
  • Yearning to take time off from rental hassles
  • Seeking a mentor to train you to be a better manager?

Go no further, V & R Management can come to your rescue!


V & R Management offers a multitude of services including:

  1. General Monthly Management
  2. Tenant Search
  3. Tenant Screening
  4. Eviction Processing
  5. Rental Agreement Processing
  6. Non-Compliance Mediation
  7. Advertising


More specifically, V & R Management will:

  1. Screen prospective tenants through credit reports, employment verification, rental history, and Oregon criminal and public reports.
  2. Do “check-ins” and check-outs” to verify condition of property.
  3. Do monthly drive-bys to check the outside of the property.
  4. Complete semi-annual inspections of the interior of the house.
  5. Render monthly statements of receipts, expenses, etc.
  6. Advertise the property as appropriate, including signage, listing flyers, and newspaper ads.
  7. Complete paperwork, collects rents, pays expenses, and remits balances to owner.
  8. Serve notices, including evictions, as needed.
  9. With owner’s permission, coordinate repairs, alterations, etc. needed in rental.
  10. Charge competitive fees to manage single property or multiple properties as well as to retain services.
  11. Provide year-end statements for tax purposes.

Note:  It is the owner’s responsibility to pay mortgages and other non-tenant expenses associated with the home and carry liability insurance as necessary to protect interests.

References available on request.

Contact us at (503) 304-9576.